The Paper-bag Skirt Saga

Making a pattern

Paper Bag Skirt Sketch

So I went step by step through the pattern making process but kind of ignored that the amount pleads in the paper model actually was the best amount. When I did the maths on the actual pattern I thought the pleads might end up too small for the fabric I wanted to use.

Calico Model

I didn’t have proper calico fabric so I just used some plain cotton to try and make up the model. Of course this fabric acts entirely different than the heavy winter fabric I used for the actual skirt. So I tried to keep this in mind.

Anyway, the skirt:

I realised much later that I should have added way more hemming for this skirt, here in the first stages the material falls quite nicely. Yes, it is very structured but has some movement. Once I hemmed it, due to the weight of the material it became just too structured and rigid.

Also something that didn’t show in the calico model the transition between the front and the back panel doesn’t work quite right, and I do not yet understand enough about patterns to figure out why this happened.

Google here I come!

Anyway, a photo shoot hides all kinds of sins


The mistake: you can see the weird fold it makes particularly on the right hand side. And I need to do something about the darts in the back as well. So keep an eye out I will try another paper-bag skirt version soon. Maybe ending the sides with a half fold would change this … hm … I didn’t want to wrap the pleads all the way around to avoid making the skirt stand out too much in the back.