Making a Knitting Bucket

Sewing for knitting

This is my first time trying to write sewing instructions for something. Let me know what you think and how helpful they were. Or where you still have questions.

The light grey one was my prototype this is why it still looks a bit disheveled. The darker grey one I used the patter. Also the textile I used was heavy Ikea curtains. I had to shorten these to fit our windows and wanted to make something with the off-cuts.

Tip: If you want to give your knitting bucket a bit more stability to can iron on some heavy weight interfacing to one or two of the wrapping panels.

I am adding a link to the pdf so you can download the document and print the instructions. Otherwise these are the steps for making the bucket.

You Need

Outer Wrap
Length: 69 cm
Height 39 cm
Inner Wrap
Length: 63 cm
Height: 39 cm

Length for all pockets: 69 cm
Height first layer: 31 cm
Height second layer: 11 cm

1 cm seam allowance


  1. Hem all pieces of fabric once you have cut them.
  2. If you want to decorate the pockets with vintage lace as in the example don’t forget to cut two strips of 69 cm long lace.
  3. Sew on the lace before you stitch the pockets.
  4. Stitch the pockets before assembling the bucket.
  5. Begin with the first layer (31 cm) pockets
    1. Depending on your needs draw lines for long knitting needles so you can sort them according to size (see picture below)
    2. I also added two 5 cm wide pockets for bigger items

      (c) Nathalie Sheridan
      making pockets
  6. Then place the second layer of of fabric for the small pockets on top of it, before stitching it together, mark out the seams for the pockets and make sure you do stitch exactly on the lines of the other pockets or just leave a space there
  7. Once you have stitched all the pockets take the inner bottom (page 3) and fix it to the inner wrap, outsides facing inwards (see picture below).

    (c) Nathalie Sheridan
  8. Make small incisions around the seam-allowance of the base to ease curvage of material
  9. Repeat for outer wrap
  10. Sew the long edged of the wrapper
  11. Now you have two buckets
  12. Leave the inner (smaller) bucket with the outside facing material into the inside
  13. Turn the outer bucket so that the pockets face outwards
  14. Place smaller bucket into the bigger one
  15. Use the top hem-allowance to fold seams into the inside and then carefully top-stitch
  16. You could also use decorative bias binding to stitch these together

Your Free PDF Download

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