Potato Soup


For Preparation 01
1,5 liter water
750 gr potatoes
250 gr soup vegetable (carrot, leek, celery)
For Preparation 02
2 onions
Olive oil
For Preparation 03
Fresh Parsley


Peel and cut veggies (preparation 01) and boil in water
Add salt to taste

Peel and cut onions (preparation 02)
Fry until browned

Once veggies are soft puree with blender (or mash through fine metal sieve)
Add onion and fresh parsley to decorate

My favourite (not-vegan) variation

If you need some more protein
I like warming Wiener sausages (hot dog sausage) in the soup (once the blending bid if over) and eat it with the sausages
Also I usually stir half a teaspoon of mustard into my soup