The Outer Hebrides

This summer we went up North, and spend a couple of weeks camping in the Outer Hebrides, mainly in and on the water–open skies, brilliant colours, and eagles soaring above the bay. Well …. … only after our Outwell Montana 6 held its word and survived gale force 10 storms with only some minor bruises!Continue reading “The Outer Hebrides”

One of my favourite patterns

The Autumn Dress: Macaron I thought for Halloween I share my favourite autumn dress. The pattern is by Colette called Macaron. The fabric I bought in a small shop in Helensburgh (Scotland) and it is environmentally friendly. Trying to shoot these photos with my camera’s self-timer and some of the results are more hilarious thanContinue reading “One of my favourite patterns”

The Magic of Stone (2): Hoodie Dress

And that’s it. The stone dress with elephants. Body armour for bad days. Fake Pockets Of course it needed a hood. and bell sleeves Oh yes and sleeve extensions for long arms. Too short? It’s all about details Adding little details brings everything together. It’s not quite straight though. I am using the selvedge detailsContinue reading “The Magic of Stone (2): Hoodie Dress”

Never Ever Again: The Wrap Dress

All I wanted was a twirling dress. ‘You are what?’‘I am making a wrap dress.’‘I have tried this once; never ever again.’ Unfortunately when I had this conversation with mum I was already in the middle of the experiment. After all the pattern does look nice. And it is a Simplicity Pattern so what couldContinue reading “Never Ever Again: The Wrap Dress”

Vintage Art Nouveau Style Fabric

Dealing with smelly vintage garment and first time using a NewLook pattern:
Last year my mom send me a huge pile of vintage fabrics, after the first excitement I noticed two problems. One was that they came in varied and non-standard lengths, and the other problem was a very musty old smell that still hung in the cloth even after two washing cycles with disinfectant.