The Outer Hebrides

This summer we went up North, and spend a couple of weeks camping in the Outer Hebrides, mainly in and on the water–open skies, brilliant colours, and eagles soaring above the bay. Well …. … only after our Outwell Montana 6 held its word and survived gale force 10 storms with only some minor bruises!Continue reading “The Outer Hebrides”

Living Wall: Iteration 02

Felt Pockets and Pot Bound Plants So after one season of the felt pockets it turns out that even the biggest available pockets are too small, and most of the plants become pot-bound. I had a chat with a gardener from the local private garden centre and they told me that it always takes aContinue reading “Living Wall: Iteration 02”

Living Wall: Installation

It’s alive! This was 2018 when we installed the first iteration of the living wall. So this weekend was the weekend to install the first bit of the living wall. The last planting pockets are still on their way to roost. Okay let’s start with the frame. Tip: if you buy the textile planting pocketsContinue reading “Living Wall: Installation”

German Winter Lore—Brownies

I am digging up old blogposts from when I was writing to improve my English. I was curious to see how my English has changed. Besides I thought the long winter nights are a good time to retell some of these stories.  German Lore: Brownies ’twas the times before even dial up modems! When IContinue reading “German Winter Lore—Brownies”

The Paper-bag Skirt Saga

Making a pattern So I went step by step through the pattern making process but kind of ignored that the amount pleads in the paper model actually was the best amount. When I did the maths on the actual pattern I thought the pleads might end up too small for the fabric I wanted toContinue reading “The Paper-bag Skirt Saga”

One of my favourite patterns

The Autumn Dress: Macaron I thought for Halloween I share my favourite autumn dress. The pattern is by Colette called Macaron. The fabric I bought in a small shop in Helensburgh (Scotland) and it is environmentally friendly. Trying to shoot these photos with my camera’s self-timer and some of the results are more hilarious thanContinue reading “One of my favourite patterns”