BBQ Season Experiments 01

BBQ and Stir Fry

As BBQ season is in full swing we decided to begin experimenting with our spherically shaped grill. The first experiment was to make a stir fry. A while ago I bought a cast iron wok with a long wooden handle. I also have an olive wood spoon which is at least a hand-width longer than normal kitchen spoons—you need both! The long handled wog and the somewhat longer spoon because:

It’s hot, hot, hot!

And this is the point. Even on the large centre flame on top of our gas stove the heat is just not strong enough for a proper stir fry. So prepare the coals as you would normally do (in hindsight you only need half the amount) once you have the glowing embers, pour some oil in the wok and then place the wok directly into the embers. If you trust your fine motor skills by all means pour the oil into the wok once you placed it onto the flames.

I am super clumsy and accident prone so not an option for me. Health and safety people!

Anyhow, ones you can hear the oil sizzle throw in the meat (unless you are vegetarian obviously throw in the veggies). So the wok became so hot I had to occasionally take it off the fire and shake.


I so felt like master chef! Check that wrist action!

Tip: everything cooks so quickly you do not need a lot of oil. The Alpha poured half a cup into the wok, I had to pour most of it onto the ground. Anyhow, once the meat is browned (but not yet fully cooked) throw in the veggies, proceed the stirring and/or wrist action shaking, for 2-3 minutes and then throw in the noodles/rice, repeat the wrist action and stirring again until the noodles feel hot to the touch and then add sauce, mix everything thoroughly. And serve.




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