Best Cleaning Product Ever

This is my not so secret super-power cleaning product. Environmentally friendly, makes use of everyday household items and it’s really cheap.

If you need the super power cleaner:

Use household soda (or baking powder) and add vinegar (e.g.: white, wine or malt vinegar) until it creates a thick paste.

Milder version

Add soda and vinegar to warm water, or you can replace the vinegar with lemon or even orange juice. (Filter the pulp out though.)

Rub it onto the surfaces that need cleaning, if need be use a brush, wash off with warm water.

It gets easily rid off mildew, and residue that settles on bathroom tiles, of dirt in the bathtub, and whitens grout again. It even cleans the grime on top of kitchen cupboards!

A plus point vinegar is a natural odor-neutralizer once the vinegar smell has evaporated so will the other smells as well. A while back I bought a cupboard from a drift-shop and it came from a smoker’s home. Needless to say the stench was unbearable. I washed it with warm vinegar water and placed a bowl of pure vinegar in it. It was so bad I had to renew the vinegar twice after that but then the smell was completely gone.

Vinegar also works as a disinfectant, so it’s a good cleaner to use on kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

Mind you: vinegar and soda mixed reacts fairly volatile as you are mixing an acid with a alkali. So do only fill the bowl you use to create the mix to a quarter or it runs over like lava.


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