Thick Roast Pepper & Tomato Soup

Now that we are almost in November and the weather has suddenly turned grey and cold, it’s time for soul-soups.

Here is my version of roast pepper and tomato soup.

You need:

1 red pepper

1 medium sized onion

2 small carrots

4 small potatoes

3 inches leek (finely chopped)

3 inches celery (finely chopped)

2 cans of chopped tomatoes (if you have the luxury of 1kg of fresh tomatoes knock yourself out)

First chop pepper, onion, carrots and fry in olive oil until strongly browned.

Tip: you can roast/burn the pepper over gas or BBQ before chopping

Chop the potatoes into small pieces, put into pot with the browned veg and add the leek & celery.

Add enough hot water to cover all the veg and simmer for 6 min.

Now add the two cans of tomatoes and wait till everything bubbles. Use hand-blender and blend as finely as you wish.

My spices:

Salt (as you like)

Freshly ground rainbow peppers

Paprika (smoked if you like)

Cayenne pepper

Caraway seeds

(1/2 teaspoon each)

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