Hangover Cake aka Migraine Cake

Make a Basic yeast dough for a small oven tray and enough crumble to cover it

cook 1/2 l pudding (or use custard)

500 gr plums

150 – 200 gr dark chocolate

roll the dough flat put on a tray

put the pudding on top

cut the plums put on top of this

put the crumble over it

bake on gas level 7 (ca 180ºC) for about half an hour

let cool down

meanwhile melt chocolate in a hot water bath and pour over the cake once it has cooled down

That definitely kicks you back to life

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  1. hi Frieda, found your blog through a random click, and have really enjoyed reading your recipes and remedies. Your goals in blogging seem very similar to mine. 8o)

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